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Coddling Moths

What are coddling moths and what do they do?

Codling moths are a common fruit insect, attacking a variety of fruit trees including apples and pears. The adults begin to emerge about the time the last of the blossom petals have fallen. The females lay eggs directly on or near the fruit. Once the larvae hatch, they begin chewing into the fruit, starting at the blossom end and working their way through the core. This insect is what causes wormy fruit.

What can I do to control coddling moths?

The Codling moths are hard to control as the larvae are feeding inside the fruit. Insecticidal applications are the most effective treatment. This can begin with a Horticulural Oil Application in the spring to suffocate any eggs or insects on the tree. This should be followed by regular applications of an insecticide.

What can Arborcare do for me?

We offer a full fruit tree program. We suggest beginning with an oil application in the spring. We follow this with four summer insecticidal foliar applications. These generally begin towards the end of May, weather dependant. The four treatments are monthly throughout the summer. Call us at (801) 972-8733 with any questions you may have!

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