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What is dormant oil?

Horticultural oil, often referred to as dormant oil, is a highly refined oil that has been used since the 1800’s to control insects on trees and shrubs.

Why use dormant oil?

Horticultural oil is environmentally safe, and non-toxic to pets, animals, and children. Unlike other pesticides, oil, when properly applied, will do its work in less than 10 minutes, leaving no active residue in the plants.

How does dormant oil work?

Oils are a mechanical control that works by suffocating insect egg masses laid in the bark and twigs of trees or shrubs that overwinter on the plant. It also works on scale insects by coating the outer scale surface and not allowing oxygen to get inside to the actual insect.

When is the best time to apply dormant oil?

Applied during the dormant season, late fall or early spring, it’s a good way to reduce insect populations before the next growing season begins, reducing further pesticide use later on. Oils can sometimes be used during other parts of the year to control other stages of insect growth, but its application is heat dependent. With the high temperatures we encounter through most other parts of the growing season, the use of oils other times of the year here in Utah is often limited.

What can Arborcare do for me?

While many tree and shrub health care problems can be remedied through cultural means such as proper irrigation and fertilization, when plants do become distressed with insect problems, Arborcare can make available the most environmentally friendly methods to help control them on your property.

Dormant Oil Spray

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