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Fungus And Bacteria Related Problems

How can I tell if I have fungus or bacteria on my trees?

Fungus and bacteria problems typically affect leaves, needles, blossoms, and twigs of trees and shrubs. Left untreated, some of the typical diseases can progressively get worse and possibly lead to death. Proximity to already infected plants is often one of the main factors contributing to the spread of the disease.

Probability of infection can also sometimes be related to environmental conditions such as cool, wet weather. Stress can also play a role in susceptibility. The more stressed the plant is, the less likely its defense mechanisms will be able to help prevent the spread of the disease. In our area, most of these problems actively spread in the spring, although visible symptoms may not appear until later in the year.

Symptoms of common fungus problems include black spots on the leaves (aspen leaf spot fungus), brown to black spots on leaves and fruit (scab fungus), disfigurement and necrosis of leaf tissue (anthracnose), circular holes in leaves (coryneum blight), externally growing white mold on leaves (powdery mildew), spots/banding/discolored tips on needles (tip blight fungus), and discoloring and sloughing of needles (needlecast). Fireblight is the main bacteria related problem in our area. With fireblight blossoms will often turn brown and fall off early, then later the new leaf and twig growth shrivels, turns black, and often curls or droops but remains on the tree.

Depending on the situation, severity of damage, and type of disease, sometimes pruning off effected branches is recommended. The majority of these diseases can be sprayed for preventatively in the spring, powdery mildew sometimes requires additional late summer/early fall sprays, and some can be sprayed for as a sterilization measure in the fall.

Common fungus and bacteria problems in our area

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(Powdery Mildew on Maple)


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