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Bark Beetles & Borers

Birch Leaf Miners

Boxelder Bugs

Bronze Birch Borers

Codling Moths

Elm Leaf Beetles, Elm Scale

& Bacterial Wetwood


Fungus & Bacteria

This section is designed to provide some basic information about many common problems your trees and shrubs may encounter. Please feel free to do some research here and call if you have questions.

Tree and Shrub Healthcare Information

How to hire a professional tree company -

Educational Videos - identifying Tree Problems. TCI EXPO

Plant/tree Health Care  -

Intl Society of Arboriculture

Utah Community Forest Council ISA Utah Chapter

USU IPM - National Pest Alerts

USU Extension - Utah Pests

Tree Care Industry Association

Informative Articles

Resources and Links

Dormant Oil Spray

Iron Chlorosis


Oak Anthracnose

Peach Tree Borers

Root Weevil

Snails and Slugs


Tip Weevil

Deep Root Fertilizing

Choosing a Pro

Accurate tree problem diagnostics is fundamental to maintaining attractive healthy trees. Ornamental and shade trees in an urban environment are subject to a wide variety of conditions that threaten their health. Call Arborcare to identify problems and provide a treatment program to preserve the  health  and aesthetics of your trees.

Photo by Chris Kolb