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What are peach tree borers?

Peach tree borers are a pest of stone fruit trees, including peaches, cherries, apricots, plums, prunes, nectarines, and almonds. They are a small insect whose larval stage is the damaging stage. The adult females lay their eggs by the base of the tree at the soil line. Upon hatching, the larvae tunnel into the trunk of the tree where they feed around the cambium until fall. They then tunnel down, often to below the soil line. The larvae overwinter there, moving back up in early spring, proceeding to feed throughout the spring. They then travel back down and make cocoons just below the surface. The adults will emerge one to two weeks later. The peach tree borer, which resembles a wasp, can be seen flying around the base of the tree.

How do peach tree borers affect my trees?

Peach tree borers can attack trees of any age. They can girdle and kill young trees and can injure older trees enough to lower their vitality. The areas where the larvae bore into the trunk will be visibly wet spots with oozing sap, often resembling a jelly, darkened by soil and frass. These areas are usually seen from about three inches below soil line to ten inches above. Note: there are other diseases in stone fruits that can cause symptoms similar to that of peach tree borers. The key is to note the area of the tree where the sap is oozing and the color of the sap. The other diseases usually occur higher on the tree and have a clearer amber sap.

What can I do to control peach tree borer?

The most important step to controlling peach tree borers is to keep your trees healthy and vigorous. The borers are more likely to attack weaker or injured trees. These types of borers are highly attracted to trees that have physical, mechanical damage near the base of the tree. Avoiding injuries from lawn mower and weed whackers will help to limit easy access for entry. There are some insecticides that are very effective for preventing peach tree borer. Sprays are performed in the mid-summer, as the eggs hatch. The insecticide should be applied to the lower trunk and the soil around the base of the tree, avoiding the leaves and fruit. Two treatments are recommended between late June and mid August.

What can Arbocare do for me?

We offer summer peach tree borer treatments as well as spring or fall deep root fertilizations.

Peach Tree Borers

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