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What is a root weevil?

Root weevils are small, flightless insects that feed on the roots and leaves of many woody shrubs. The adults are about a quarter of an inch long and shiny brownish/black with a short, blunt snout. There are two stages of root weevil that can harm shrubs: adult and larval. Both forms can overwinter in the soil and around the base of the host plant. The adults emerge in the early summer to search for new hosts to lay eggs near. The eggs hatch in about two to three weeks as white legless grubs. This larval stage feeds underground on the roots of the plant, and becomes adults in the fall.

There is a second weevil migration during the late summer. The larvae that hatch from the eggs laid at this time overwinter in the soil and become adults the following summer. Adult root weevils are active in the early summer and the late summer/early fall and feed on the leaves of the host plant. They feed mostly at night so they are not commonly seen. The damage caused is small notches along the leaf margin. Shrubs commonly attacked are euonymus, privet, laurel, ivy, and lilac, along with many others.

What can I do to control root weevil?

Unfortunately, there are few cultural controls for root weevil. There are some biological controls, like using predatory insects and nematodes. Insecticides provide the best control and can be applied in early summer.

What can Arborcare do for me?

We offer both chemical and predatory nematode applications. Both the chemical and nematode treatments are performed starting in the early summer as the root weevils emerge and begin feeding.

Root Weevils

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