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Trunk injections are an effective method of treating trees for insects and diseases. Trunk injections are ideal for very large trees or when it is desirable to administer treatments directly into the vascular system beneath the bark.

Trunk Injections

Iron is an important nutrient needed for chlorophyll production. Many trees are unable to absorb the iron that they need due to high ph levels in the soil. We can inject iron directly into the root zone. With more available iron, the effects of iron chlorosis can be reduced or eliminated.

Iron Treatments

Arborcare can protect your trees from harmful insects all season long by injecting insecticide directly into the root zone. The roots will pick up the material and distribute it throughout the plants stem/trunk, limbs and foliage. Spring and fall are ideal times of year for this treatment.

Soil Systemic Insecticide

If you need a formal, written tree risk assessment on a tree that may be in a construction zone or may be at risk of causing property damage we can help. Call and ask for Chris or Sam.

Tree Risk Assessments

Home exterior foundation sprays help prevent spiders, boxelder bugs and ants from entering your home. We can spray under eves, decks, stairwells and door frames where webs are present and insects gather.

Foundation Sprays

Snails and slugs devour hostas as well as many other plants, flowers and roots. Our technicians can apply, as necessary, pet friendly bait that will help control snails and slugs in your landscape.

Snail and Slug Control

An annual preventative maintenance program from Arborcare-Arborscape, tailored to the specific needs of your landscape is the best way to keep your trees vibrant and healthy. Other companies do excessive blanket sprays all year round. We target potential problems that your trees and shrubs may be at risk for and perform treatments during the time of year that they will be most effective.

Our services are tailored to the specific needs of your landscape

Tree Health Care Services

Contact us today to schedule an arborist to visit your property. We can meet you on site or stop by to check on your trees and shrubs. We can diagnose a wide range of plant health problems and provide an estimate with our recommended treatment options.

Free Estimates

Spraying trees is an effective way to provide immediate relief from harmful insects to prevent them from feeding on leaves and needles. Certain preventative sprays are designed to act as a barrier for insects or to protect from diseases that can be spread from tree to tree.

Tree and Shrub Sprays

We use a time release liquid fertilizer that will break down in the soil throughout the root zone and is active for one full season. Fertilizer is injected below the grass and several inches into the soil when possible to help replenish nutrients.

Deep Root Fertilizing