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What are snails and slugs?

Snails and slugs are terrestrial relatives of oysters and clams. A slug is a snail without an outer shell. Both snails and slugs have tentacles or feelers on their heads. Each has a file-like mouth part that rasps at the tissues of the plant. It then draws these tissue particles into its mouth opening. Snails and slugs thrive in wet, damp, and cool areas.

What damage do snails and slugs cause?

Snails and slugs devour the foliage of plants, produce large holes in fruit, flowers, and roots, and leave a trail of mucus behind them. Plants with leaves close to the ground are most susceptible to their feeding; hostas are a common plant that sustains significant damage. Large populations of snails and slugs can be a nuisance on patios, lawns, porches and play areas.

What can I do to control snails and slugs?

Habitat modification is important in snail and slug control. Do this by keeping moist shady areas to a minimum in and around flower beds. Dense foliage, including weeds, around the bases of plants and shrubs should be removed when practical. Baits are a preferred chemical control, but many types of bait are dangerous for children and pets.

What can Arborcare do for me?

Arborcare can apply, as necessary, a snail and slug bait that is child and pet friendly. After ingesting the bait, the snails and slugs immediately cease feeding, become less mobile, and go into hiding and die. This is not only safe for children, pets, and wildlife, but dead snails and slugs are less likely to be found out in the open.

Snails and Slugs

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