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What is tip weevil?

Tip weevil, or white pine weevil, are insects that live their life cycle around pines, spruce, and firs. The adult weevil is brown, 6-7mm in length with tan and white scales arranged in small and larger spots. The larvae are white, grub like, and 9-10mm in length when fully grown. Tip weevil has in the past been more of a problem in the Park City, Jeremy Ranch, Summit Park areas, but recently more have been seen in the Wasatch Front, likely from the amount of nursery stock being brought into the valley from many other areas.

Pissodes strobi was named the white pine weevil because it first was found on eastern white pine. In the West the insect sometimes is called the spruce weevil because it almost exclusively attacks spruce rather that pine trees. Younger spruce trees under 30 feet tall are more susceptible to attack than mature trees.

What damage will the weevils cause?

The adults lay eggs in the early spring in the body of the terminal shoot. As these eggs hatch in the new growth they immediately tunnel down the center of the main shoot (terminal leader) killing the top candle or candles of the tree. This damage to the top leader of an evergreen does not kill the tree, but deforms the growth at the top of the tree in future seasons, sometimes decreasing the landscape value of the tree.

What can homeowners do to control tip weevil?

Blue spruce is the most affected tree. Limiting the amount of blue spruce in your landscape can reduce the risk of tip weevil activity. Pruning off damaged tips helps both aesthetically as well as removing areas where eggs potentially have been laid.

What Can ArboCare Do For Me?

Sprays are the most effective preventative control, performed in the spring before the adults start laying their eggs. Some systemic treatments are also available if sprays cannot be accomplished.

Tip Weevils

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