Trunk Injections for Bark Beetles and borers

We can inject your evergreen tree to protect the tree from harmful bark beetle insects. Trunk injections are an effective method of treating trees for insects and diseases. Trunk injections are ideal for medium and large trees or when it is desirable to administer treatments directly into the vascular system beneath the bark. Insecticide trunk injection treatments will protect the tree for a longer period of time than a trunk spray.

Trunk Injections for Iron Chlorosis

We can inject your maple to help control the effects of Iron Chlorosis. This treatment is effective for 2 years.

Bark Banding

Bark banding is tree trunk chemical application that can be used for insect and tree fungus control.


Micro Injection (low volume)

This injection system works great for insecticide trunk injections for borers and bark beetles. A small hole is drilled into the bottom of the tree trunk and chemical is injected directly into the cambial layer using a needle.


Micro Trunk Injection


Macro Injection (high volume)

Macro infusion trunk injection to help control and prevent iron chlorosis


Macro Trunk Injection